St Francis CofE Primary School


St Francis Primary school believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is a unique and vital contributor to a pupil’s physical development and well- being. We recognize the role Physical Education has in establishing a healthier nation, offering the children the opportunity to understand the need for healthier lifestyles.

In KS1 we concentrate on the fundamentals needed for co-ordination through dance and gym to develop confidence in movement and teamwork. This continues into KS2 but with more emphasis on invasion games, swimming and athletics.

To this end, as well as the statutory two hours of PE per week per child, we make available a number of after-school clubs e.g. football, netball, rugby, cricket etc. Some of these are free and some are provided by outside agencies.

St Francis are always looking to develop the PE options, so if you think we should be offering something different or perhaps you can offer professional help by running another club (perhaps with a staff member?) then please contact the office.

In recognition of the schools performance in the amount and variety of sports/PE we undertake, in 2017 our School Games Mark was upgraded to silver.