St Francis CofE Primary School



Welcome to Reception!

In Reception, our teachers are:

Mr Farmer  and  Mrs Turner


End of Reception Expectations - The Early Learning Goals (ELGs)

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Term 6 Update


This week will be the last week we read with children and check their keywords. Please do continue to practise these over the summer. We will be collecting in all books and phonics key rings on Friday. Please check at home for any books or key rings that you may have there. We will be sending home a small phonics pack for you to use over the summer.


This Friday (13th July) we will be auditioning for St Francis Has Talent. Any children who would like to audition will need to bring in any props, music and outfits they need on Friday morning. Acts can be singing, dancing, telling jokes etc.


This Friday we will send home PE kits for the summer.


Please send your child in with a named plastic carrier bag on Wednesday 25th so they can empty their drawers etc.


We are looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd at 2:30pm for our end of year celebration. Children can come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up on that day.


Thank you for all your support and hard work over the year. We have all had a fantastic year!


Mr Farmer and Mrs Turner




Topic Plan

Homework Plan

Important dates this term 

Forest School 

Friday 8th June- Mrs Turner’s Class

Friday 22nd June - Mr Farmer’s Class

Friday 29th June - Mrs Turner’s Class

Friday 6th July – Mr Farmer’s Class

Other Dates

Thursday 14th June – Trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park

Friday 15th June – Sports Day

Thursday 28th June – French Day – come dressed in Red, White or Blue

Monday 23rd July – 2.30pm End of Year Celebration – Parents invited.  Children to come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. More details to follow.


Term 5 Update


International Outdoor Classroom Day

All of Reception have had a fabulous time out in the forest area today. We played, we climbed, we found mini beast friends, we cooked Veggie Cowboy Stew and bread over the fire, we imagined with sticks, we climbed through a spiders web, we collected leaves and sorted, we drummed with hazel drum sticks, we shared a story, we ate and we learned lots and had fun!


Veggie Cowboy Stew recipe

1lb Quorn mince

1 onion

3 potatoes, chopped about 1inch square

1 can green beans

1 can baked beans

1 can kidney beans

1 can tomato soup

1 can sweet corn

1 can of chopped tomatoes


Add the chopped onion to the brown and cook till just going brown,

add the potatoes and then everything else and cook until the potatoes are cooked!


Photos to follow!





Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Forest Stay and Play sessions. We really enjoyed the sessions and we hope you did too! 


Please ensure your child has a hat in school at all times and they have sun cream applied before they come to school in the morning. Children without hats will be restricted to only completing activities inside during hot and sunny days.


Don't forget Thursday (17/5/2018) is Outdoor classroom day - please send the children in dressed for the forest (long trouser and arms covered please). The weather forecast is warm and dry so no need for waterproofs. The children don't need their uniform to change into.


 Please ensure all children have their PE kits for Friday 18th May as both classes will be doing PE.


Superhero dress up day next Thursday (24/5/2018) - homemade superheroes will be perfect!


International Outdoor Classroom day - 17th May

Both Reception classes will be learning in the forest area all day. Please send your child dressed in appropriate clothing for the days weather - they don't need to bring in uniform to change into.  Many thanks

Superhero Day - 24th May

Please send your child in dressed up as a superhero for the day. Any superhero will be acceptable, made up home created superheroes like Chocolate Boy or Flower Girl would be brilliant. Mr Farmer will be coming as Bushcraft Boy. Mrs Turner will be coming as ......(details to follow!)



 Term 5 - Summer 1

Welcome back

Forest school dates

20th April – Mrs Turner (class photos - please come dressed in school clothes and bring your forest school kit.)

27th April – Mr Farmer

4th May – Mrs Turner (stay and play event for parents Blackbird class 8:45am – 9:30am - No need to book - all welcome - wear clothes for being in the forest)

11th May – Mr Farmer (stay and play event for parents Jay class 8:45am – 9:30am - No need to book - all welcome - wear clothes for being in the forest)

18th May - Mrs Turner

25th May – Mr Farmer

 Please send children with appropriate clothing for the weather - they may no longer require wellies and water proofs but the children will always require long trousers for being in the forest area. Please look at the weather forecast and make a sensible judgement. Many thanks.

 Topic Plan




We are proud to announce the hatching of our first 2 ducklings.

Please view hatching on the Incubator cam

Please view the brooder on the Duckling cam

Please use the username: webcam

and the password: webcam

if asked!

Parents of Blackbird (Mrs Turner's class) are invited in on Wednesday 21st March at 2:45pm till 3:15pm to come and meet the ducklings - Please come through the school office.

 Parents of Jay (Mr Farmer's class) are invited in on Thursday 22nd March at 8:45am till 9:15am to come and meet the ducklings - Please come in with your children in the morning.



Term 4 information

Forest school dates 

Friday 23rd February- Mr Farmer’s Class

Friday 2nd March - Mrs Turner’s Class

Friday 9th March - Mr Farmer’s Class

Friday 16th March - Mrs Turner’s Class

Friday 23rd March - Both classes

These may change but we will 'Schoop' any changes.


Topic plan

Homework plan



Term 3 information

Topic Plan

Homework Plan

Forest school dates - Please ensure the children are appropriately dressed for the weather conditions. Gloves, hats, scarves and several layers is ideal, as well as waterproofs.

Friday 5th January- Mr Farmer’s Class

Friday 12th January- Mrs Turner’s Class

Friday 19th January- Mr Farmer’s Class

Friday 26th January- Mrs Turner’s Class

Friday 2nd February- Mr Farmer’s Class

Friday 9th February- Mrs Turner’s Class

These may change but we will 'Schoop' any changes.



 Christmas Information


Evening performance - Thursday 7th December

Please return the children to school for 5pm via the normal gate. If you are not staying for the performance please pick up your children at 6:45pm via the normal gate from the classroom.

Nativity Photos

 Individual and small group photos of every child will be available to purchase during the perfomances. They will be situated just inside the computer suite - please use the order forms provided. Any funds raised will be used for curriculum enhancing activities.

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party day is Wednesday 13th December. The children can come to school dressed in their party clothes. Please ensure they are still dressed appropriately for school. Party food donation lists will be up outside each classroom from Wednesday (6th December) morning. The kitchen will be providing hotdogs for each child as they are entitled to a free school lunch (vegetarian ones will be available).


During the final two weeks we will continue to change your childs book but we may not get the opportunity to read with them because of all the other fun Christmas activities we are completing. Please do continue to read with your child at home. We will still complete 'Reading at Home' stickers.


Term 2 information


Topic Plan


Phonics Workshop Presentation available here



Children will need to come to school dressed in their forest school clothes with their uniform in named bag. The clothes the children will need will depend on the weather but generally waterproof coat, waterproof trousers and wellies will do. Tracksuit bottoms or similar and a warm top underneath as well please. 


Phonics Keyrings

Phonics keyrings will be sent home on Fridays. The keyring has the sounds the children have been learning in Phonics during the week (and all the previous ones). Please practise all the sounds at home. If you are unsure about what sounds the letters make then please look on YouTube and sing the Jolly Phonic songs with your child.

 We are running a Phonics workshop straight after school on 28th September. More details to follow.


Term 1 Information

Topic Planner

Homework Plan

Forest school dates:

Mr Farmer's class (JAYS) 22/9/2017 and 6/10/2017

Mrs Turner's class (BLACKBIRDS) 29/9/2017 and 13/10/2017

Children will need to come to school dressed in their forest school clothes with their uniform in named bag. The clothes the children will need will depend on the weather but generally waterproof coat, waterproof trousers and wellies will do. It is much better to send the children with hats and gloves to keep them warm and for them to take them off, than for them to get cold without them!

They will change after the session in the forest and will put their muddy clothes in the bag.

Wellies can stay in school on our welly racks unless the children will need them at home. We do have a limited supply of spare wellies but not in all sizes.

The children will be doing PE on the Fridays when they don't have forest school sessions.


Here are a few photographs from our first week: