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Good morning. Over the past few weeks we have been focussing on new opportunities and routines. The children are now confident in choosing books to take home each week, and we are excited to have a consistent shower of "Shooting Star" moments as children regularly share achievements from home as well. The area in the nursery reception is dedicated to displaying these. Thank you for your continued support in sending the slips in. PE each Friday enables us all to push ourselves to the point of collapse (adults obviously!) We work on increasing our heart rate and explore all of the large movements which we need to master before we can control small ones, such as tracing and threading. We have also been practising ball skills (can you roll a ball whilst squatting, lying on your tummy, kneeling etc).

Our focus on all things wintry continues. The children in Robins class are really confident in telling the story "Ridiculous" and we have been adapting the story to include our own animals and sentences. Children have made their own books and this week we will share them together at story time and in the book corner. The Starlings class  have focussed on he story "Lost and Found".

Our creative area is being used enthusiastically as children use lots of materials to make their own models and art work. We allow them creative freedom and encourage them work independently as they practise new skills. The  variety of things produced is fantastic and as the children become confident in their own ideas we then encourage them in extending and trying new things out.

We  have used our senses to explore inside and outside and there is lots of interest in ice at the moment. The children have been finding out about textures (hard, spikey, wet, dry etc) and explaining why they think ice will melt. There are lots of opportunities for  really extending our thinking as we ask questions, for example, how can we melt ice more quickly, where does it go, is ice ever hot?

The children were very excited to talk about pizzas last week and so we were able to have a go at making our own today. We chose toppings and sliced some different vegetables that we had not tried before. We then ate our creations at snack time.

On Thursday we are expecting a visit from Oaks and Furrows, based near Cricklade. They will be coming to talk to the children about the animals they help, and we hope to meet a four legged friend too...your children will tell you more soon.



Shooting Stars Moments!

Please see attached for explanatory letter and printable pages. If you have further questions please speak to your child's teacher.

shooting star moments.pdf 


Welcome back to the new term and Happy New Year to all our families.

Thank you so much for the wonderful presents, we have been overwhelmed by your kindness, and hope you enjoyed the treats the children made too.

Please see below for information about our learning this term.

We will  be starting our weekly  lending library. This enables the children to share a book at home in the same way that older siblings do when starting school. The focus is for parents/carers and children to enjoy time sharing books and talking about stories together, developing a love of books. Further information will be available in a letter home this week.


Please send in your child's PE kit by Friday this week if you have not already done so, (for information please see the relevant page in your Nursery Induction booklet). All items must be clearly labelled, including trainers (velcro closing).

Children should bring a named water bottle each day, with water only. Flavoured drinks should not be used, in line with our healthy schools policy.

All clothing should be named.


do all animals hibernate in winter.pdf



Children who do not normally come on the following days are welcome to come to the following special events in December:

Monday 11th - Magic Land trip.

Morning children to arrive at 8.40am. Afternoon children to arrive at 8.50am. The coach will return at 2.45pm and children are to be collected from the coach.

If you have offered to help please check with the class teacher as we have limited places on the coach.

Tuesday 12th - Nursery Christmas Party. Food will be provided and children may wear party clothes.

Thursday 14th - Nursery Christmas lunch. Children to arrive/depart at the usual times. See parent pay for details.


Dates for your diary:


Thank you for signing up for our Nativity story next week. The children brought home an invitation that they have made. The date will be the one you have already signed up for. It is important that you speak to the class teacher if your plan has changed so that we can ensure numbers remain manageable for the children. The room is not large.

If you are a morning parent and received a separate slip with the day stated, this is to ensure you have an allocated slot if your child was away when sign up sheets were available. Any questions, please speak to your child's class teacher. Our storytelling and singing will last approximately 40 mins, after which your child may go home.


If you are planning to increase your child's sessions after half term please speak with the class teacher on return.

Please see below for our summary of Diwali. Enjoy the half term break.

diwali info for parents.pdf


As we near the end of the first term in nursery we are celebrating the huge strides the children have made in starting their school journey. Parents and staff are so proud of you all.

Last week there were lots of opportunities to show how much we care for others. On Thursday this culminated in the children  hunting for Goldilocks who was lost in the woods. They chose  to make lots of things to take for her, including pictures, food and special objects. They chatted with her about how to make sure she didn't get lost again and a few invited her to come back to nursery with us so she could use our telephone to call her mummy. It was fantastic to see their confidence growing and ideas forming so quickly as they took charge of the learning and shared their knowledge with her. Parents are encouraged to look at the pictures in the nursery garden and to chat with your child about them.

This week there was lots of enthusiasm for collecting vegetables from the nursery garden, including sweetcorn and potatoes. The children prepared the veg for soup and we swopped our snack around so they could eat it that day. 

The new  water wall in the back garden is finished and children will be able to explore, develop creative ideas and grow their muscles with pumps and mops etc!

Next week we are looking forward to finding out about keeping healthy and clean with "Dirty Berty", so if we come home talking about germs and slime please don't be surprised!

In the half term break we are hoping for our tarmac areas to be resurfaced. Its hard to  believe that the school is over ten years old already. Roland will return after the holidays now, as its not fair to introduce him whilst all the noise of the machines is going on.

Thank you to the parents who have signed up for storytelling - see below for details. There are still some slots left so do come and see the class teacher to sign up soon.


Parents and Carers,

We have put the following dates together.

7th and 8th November: Parent Evenings. 3.30pm -6pm. Online sign-up information will be sent to you nearer the time


13th/14th/16th November: Parent stay and play.  Parent sign up sheet available after half term.

Robins class:    8.40-9.30am

Starlings class: 12.20-1.30pm.

30th November/1st December: children sharing the nativity story in their classroom, approximately 40mins.  Parent sign up sheet available after half term.

Robins class: 10.15am

Starlings class 1.30pm

 23rd/24th/26th April: Parent stay and play.  Parent sign up sheet available after half term.

Robins class:    8.40-9.30am

Starlings class: 12.20-1.30pm.


12th June Robins class family trip - details to follow.

14th June Starlings class family trip - details to follow.

 Please be aware that if a change occurs, you will be notified on this page.


Parents, would you like to read a story with your childs' class?! On Thursdays at the end of the session we are excited to host a parent who would like to read a picture book to the class. If you prefer to share a song or instrument that would be great too. You would need to arrive at main reception and sign in, and be available for 20 mins before the end of your childs session. If you would like to do this please speak to the class teacher so that a date can be arranged. Have an idea of what story you will bring so that we can make sure there is not too much doubling up. A CRB check is not required as you are not going to be alone with the children at any time.



Please see the link below for a summary of information about the developments you will see in your child over the coming year. For each age band there are useful tips in the "How can I help?" section. You will also find out more about the EYFS curriculum that is used at ST Francis. This information will be useful in our discussion at the first parents evening, details to follow. At St Francis we use an online booking system for parents, we will schoop when this is live.



Good afternoon, we are looking for Parents or Grandparents who are able to help with visits and walks. Your help is so valuable in esuring that the children can take part in a range of experiences.  Please see the parent helper section of the nursery booklet for details. Registration for the CRB check can be organised at the main school office. If you are able to help regularly or occasionally please speak to the nursery class teacher. Thank you.

Please see below for the topic web. This is a skeleton of learning and changes may be made as we support children in their particular interests.

nursery autumn topic web.pdf


Welcome to St Francis Nursery



We are looking forward to meeting our new families as we continue our induction programme on Monday 11th September.

Children will need:

  • Named water bottle with water only - no juice in line with healthy schools award.
  • Complete change of clothes -  including old daps if possible, in drawstring bag. Name all items please.
  • "My Story" book and box.
  • Waterproof coat and closed in shoes - no flipflops or open toe sandals please. Name all items please.
  • PE kit after half term.

Children will not need snacks or wellies as all of these are provided. Please continue to support your child in putting on coats and shoes independently so that he/she is confident and is able to make the most of the time for playing and learning.

In our first few weeks we will be getting to know your child and developing secure relationships with him/her, playing lots of fun games, sharing songs and finding out about their interests.