St Francis CofE Primary School

Local Community


 Please read the attached letter regarding the proposed installation of a base station and antenna pole at the CO-OP deliveries entrance, Aiken Road.

The proposal comprises the installation of a 15m tall slimline pole supporting antennas that are within a shroud and these will provide local wireless broadband services. A small (0.3m diameter) dish antenna is to be mounted beneath the shroud to provide the radio link with the network. A cabinet containing the communications and electrical equipment that is needed to operate the site is to be installed at the base. Cables within the slimline pole will connect the antennas with the equipment and a mains electricity connection will also be needed to the cabinet to power the facility. A location plan, site plan and elevation drawing are included with this letter in order that you can  view the proposal in greater detail.

SWI2004 Consultation Letter to Schools 21 07 15.docx

SWI2004A Planning drawings 21 07 15.pdf

As the school is closed until September please direct any correspondence to Waldon Telecom Ltd