St Francis CofE Primary School

Netball - Y5/6 Team



Monday 22nd January

St Francis v Greenmeadow

By Elizabeth (captain) and Zoe

Last Monday, St Francis played a netball match at home against Greenmeadow.

It was a closely-fought match and the whole team, including 3 determined Year 5 team members, played really well.

By half –time, the other team was up 1-0 and by the end of the third quarter, we had yet to score; however, we did score three great goals in the final quarter.

The first two goals were scored by Zoe, and another one went in the net from Lana.

The final score was 7-3 to Greenmeadow, but we’re still proud of our performance and the positive way we played.

The opposition’s player of the match was Lana for her many intercepts and Mrs Sellars chose Chelsey because her positioning and ball control helped us move forward.

Although we didn’t win this match, we are still hopeful that we will come near the top of the league.

We wish to succeed in our next match against Abbey Meads at the start of February.


Monday 8th January

Oakhurst v St Francis

By Keira (captain) and Bella

In our first quarter of the match on Monday, St Francis netball team was winning with Zoe having scored 3 goals and Lana catching up scoring another.

But then the other team (Oakhurst) scored 2 goals just in the nick of time before the half way point.


I was in centre position, coming on before half time.

Our team was so cold because of the icy conditions but we struggled through.

Unfortunately, we were caught out as the cold began to freeze our hands. Unluckily, the other team were wearing double gloves and jumpers. Some of us had none! We will all remember next time. 

In the second half Oakhurst scored 5 super goals and we only managed one more. After a tiresome, cold, hard match the final score was 7-5 to Oakhurst. 

Nadine was centre for that part of the match and she powered through. She was not giving up her positivity.

We were disappointed but we have learnt from our mistakes. Oakhurst chose Liz as their player of the match.

After the match had finished, we shook hands and congratulated the winning team.


Friday 1st December '17

Catherine Wayte v St Francis

By Fleur (captain), Izzie and Chelsea


Last Friday, St Francis played a netball match against Catherine Wayte School. It was a tough, evenly-matched game, especially at the beginning; however, we still pulled through, winning by 6 to 3.

We had a great start with our first goal, scored by Alice. But shortly after that, the other team caught up meaning the score was now 1-1 (one all). By half time, it was 2-2, so we had to work together.

By full time, we had scored 4 more goals by Nadine, Lana and Elizabeth, with Alice being chosen by the opposition as their player of the match. Mrs Sellars chose Elizabeth as her player of the match for brilliant use of space.

I was captain for the first time but Chelsey and Izzie from year 5, were actually playing their first ever match and were fabulous all over the court; the year sixes can rest assured that the netball team will continue in great form once they leave.


Monday 20th November '17

Sevenfields v St Francis

By Alice (captain) and Harry

On Monday 20th November, the netball team played against Sevenfields, and I was team captain.

In the first quarter, Elizabeth came in with our first score of the match.

First quarter finished, 1-0 to us. The second quarter came quickly and, amazingly, Zoe scored 4 goals.

5-0 to us, half-time ended! The next part of the match was even better….

With Lilia scoring 4 goals, Fleur 2, Harry 1 and myself 1 as well.

Finally, the match ended, with Zoe picked by the opposition as their player of the match. In the end the final score was 13-0 to us.

And, in addition to that, this was a match in the local league.

Hopefully, our next match will be played just as well.


Tuesday 31st October '17

St Francis v Gorse Hill

By Niamh (captain) and Elizabeth

On Tuesday 31st, we played a close match against Gorse Hill. I was team captain and needed to organise beforehand. We played a great first quarter, which was probably one of our best, except from the fourth quarter in which we scored.

Unfortunately for us, in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, they were on their game and scored within the first minute. It was a thorough disappointment bit it did not diminish our team spirit. Alice was our scorer, hitting the target first time.

It was a tough game, however, Gorse Hill won 3 to 1. Lilia was chosen as ‘Man of the Match’ by the opposition for fantastic teamwork, but each of us played our part in a closely fought match. Mrs Sellars chose Fleur as her player of the match as it was her debut on the team and she never left her opponent’s side, producing some excellent interceptions. We really look forward to our next match.