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It is hard to believe we are half way through your child’s year in nursery already!
This term we will be developing our understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. By looking at healthy eating and physical activity, we will learn to understand how to make our own healthy choices and decisions. We will look at patterns and changes that are taking place in our environment as Spring approaches, as well looking at how we are changing as we grow. We will be inviting some babies and toddlers to visit us to help us understand how we have developed our independent skills.

Our focus stories and books this term will be The Gingerbread Man, Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley, and Jack & the Beanstalk. These will support the children’s understanding of rhythm and rhyme as well as linking to the terms focus.

Miss Gemma will be leading the nursery on a Thursday and will be taking the children to the forest. Please ensure your child is suitably dressed on these days. If possible please send in a carrier bag to put their muddy boots in at the end of a session. If your child comes in to nursery in their own wellington boots please send a pair of shoes in for them to wear in class. There will not be a forest session in week 1 due to World book Day.

We do not set homework for the children but recommend that you sing lots of rhymes with them and share lots of books with them too, getting them to look at the pictures and talk about what they can see. When out for a walk encourage them to look for numbers and shapes in the environment or when shopping ask them to count out items for you, for example 4 apples or 2 bags of rice. This will help them see there is a purpose to what they are learning.

World Book Day: 28th February
Please send your child dressed as a word. They will be joining the rest of the school in a parade and performing a poem to other classes. We would like your child to bring their favourite poetry /rhyming story that week. Please ensure it is named.
Shrove Tuesday: 5th March.
We would like to invite you to come into nursery 20 minutes before the end of the session to join us in some pancake races. Please watch the noticeboard for more details.
Parents Meetings
I will be holding meetings on the evening of Tuesday 19th March and throughout the day on Wednesday 20th March. You will be able to book a meeting shortly.

Nursery Trip
We are looking for ideas for a trip. Last year we were able to go to the beach area at the Cotswold Water Park as the weather was amazing, each child was accompanied by an adult. This year we would like to expand it so siblings are able to come as well, if possible. If you have any ideas of a suitable, cost effective place to go please let a member of the nursery team know. We are thinking of going in Term 5 or Term 6.

The Nursery Team

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