At the Full Governors Meeting on 28 June 2022, we discussed the school’s response to the Government’s March White paper, Opportunities for all: strong school with great teachers for your child, in particular thinking through ways in which the school can collaborate with other local schools to share expertise. We discussed and approved the school’s budget for 2022/23 and reviewed the annual report from our Data Protection Officer.

We discussed the school’s priorities for 2022/23 and how we, as governors, will ensure that these are moved forwards. As usual, we also had a number of policies to discuss and ratify, including the latest school risk register

If you would like to speak to a Governor at any time, our names are listed on the Governors’ page on the school website and we would be happy to speak to you – many of us are also parents, so you can often catch us before or after school. Alternatively, our Clerk, Heather Large, can be contacted at  and can arrange for one of us to contact you.