Headteacher: Joy Farrell   |   Tel: 01793 727624   |   Fax: 01793 721964   |   Email: admin@stfrancis.swindon.sch.uk

Thank you very much to everyone who responded to our recent survey about the provision made by the school for children’s learning during lockdown. We had a fantastic response rate and were pleased that the majority of parents were very happy with the efforts made by staff to support children during this difficult time. Thank you for all your appreciative comments, which have been a great encouragement to staff. As a result of your suggestions for how the school could enhance the support provided, we are giving careful consideration to possibilities for greater access to online learning and also to any particular needs for additional support with printing documents.

We discussed the results of the survey at our Governing Board meeting on 13 October, held via Zoom. We also discussed the School Development Plan, which sets out the school’s priorities for the current academic year and which will be available to parents in the coming weeks. We received a report on support for children with special educational needs, giving particular consideration to additional needs in the current circumstances. We also discussed the education pupils receive on online safety and the filtering controls that are in place to keep children safe when accessing the internet in school.

If you would like to speak to a Governor at any time, our names are listed on the Governors’ page on the school website and we would be happy to speak to you – many of us are also parents, so you can often catch us before or after school. Alternatively, our Clerk, Heather Large, can be contacted at hlarge@stfrancis.swindon.sch.uk  and can arrange for one of us to contact you.


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