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Tuesday – day time
There is still a whole evening of delicious food (Chicken Korma…..with hidden vegetables) and adventurous night time descending the Dingle to be enjoyed.
Meanwhile, we have been bathed in beautiful and warm sunshine…well those of us not in the cave. Both caving and rock-climbing has brought out wonderful co-operation, leadership, loyalty and care for other in each of our fantastic St Francis children; they have offered each other supportive suggestions and words of encouragement. They have shown great responsibility for keeping each other safe and reassured.
Reds, Oranges and Blues were out on the limestone quarry rock climbing and abseiling with nearly everyone scaling the highest rock face. Teamwork was fabulous with total commitment to working together to succeed and offer advice.
Greens and Yellows were in the caves and each child made fabulous progress after a tentative start for this completely new experience. After lunch, upon their return to the caves, all of the children tackled each of the challenging elements – The Toilet, The Washing Machine and the Letter Box– with gusto. Working in harmony, the children were able to advise and support their teammates in order that everyone achieved each task. From the squeals of delight and the desire to keep repeating each one, it was clear that both groups loved getting wet from head to toe. The Drying Room is already full.

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