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Good Morning!
A bright and early start for some with a competition raging for who woke up the earliest and a few complaints about the problems of waking up with ‘Dad hair’!
Last night was an uneventful evening, with no-one complaining at all and no evidence of homesickness – they have shown good independence and camaraderie – there is a great team spirit already. The children have already been diligent about keeping their rooms tidy and exit routes free of cases/odd socks/random trainers/wet towels.
The group are excited to welcome Sam this morning, who arrived late last night, after most (but not quite all) were fast asleep. Thank you so much to Sam’s dad for bringing him here to be part of the team.
7.15am – It’s time to open the door to the garden and release 50 children onto the grounds for an early morning run-around before we experience our first Pencelli breakfast.
More to follow.

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