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Dear Parents,

Virtual Reality Space Workshop

In Term 2, Year 5 children will be learning more about Earth and its relationship with other planets within the solar system. We study how the seasons are created, how the gravitational pull affects ocean tides and how we can learn more about Space beyond our system.

A unique Virtual Reality Workshop transports the children to places they cannot easily visit. By using specially designed headsets, every child in the class becomes an astronaut, piloting their research vessel around Planets and moons, learning about the solar system.

This workshop has been booked for Monday 25th November, to launch and immerse the children in the topic, so that they can gain as much as possible from the experience. In order to cover the cost, we are asking for a contribution of just £7 for each child.

Please give consent and make final payment via www.parentpay.com by 12th November. If there are any questions, please ask your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for supporting your child’s education,

Mrs Dunn-Christensen and Mrs Walch

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