This term has been a very busy and exciting one with everyone getting to know each other. The attached photographs, of class room displays, show some of the activities the children have enjoyed taking pert in.
Outdoor Learning
These demonstrate that everything we learn indoors can be moved outdoors, where the children have a greater sense of freedom.

With Our Little Fingers.
The children have had the opportunity to take part in to help develop their fine skills. From threading wool through paper leaves to pushing pipe cleaners into colanders.

Art Gallery.
The children are given the choice to either hang their artwork up or to take it home. If your child hasn’t got a picture up that will be the reason. I’m sure they will hang something during the year.

We All Love a Challenge.
Each term we set the children a challenge. This will become a weekly challenge later in the year. This term their challenge was to bring themselves in and settle to an activity. They have all managed to do it by the end of term. Amazing! I will let you know future challenges at the beginning of each term so you can support at home.

Awe and Wonder.
This board shows those spontaneous moments when the children get excited over something, often unplanned by us. This term they were excited about boat building and sailing. We were able to us this to teach about sinking and floating.

How Do You Feel Today.
As you know we are teaching the children to understand their feelings through the book The Colour Monster. We are now using it as our self-registration board. The children find their name, at the beginning of each session, and place them on the monster that depicts how they are feeling, or how they have been feeling. The children tend to talk about something that has happened recently rather than how they feel there and then. We will continue to work on this

Nursery Family Tree.
Each child painted and cut out a leaf. Following discussions on belonging to different communities such as, family, church, sports groups and school everyone hung their leaf on the tree to show they belong to Robin Class.

How to Keep Clean.
The children have been learning how to keep clean and why it is so important. They draw their own germs and decided whether they were good germs or bad germs.

Only One You.
This has been part of our Personal, Social and Emotional development. The child listened to the story, decorated a fish then told us something that made them special. They have discussed who is special at home and school.