Dear St Francis Community,

Thank you for all the work you have been doing over the last 2 weeks, we hope you have enjoyed the home learning activities and have been staying safe. All the staff at school have been very impressed.

As we move towards what would be the normal Easter break we are keen that everyone has a break from school work and life in these very unusual times. As such the class teachers and TAs will not be looking at Seesaw during the next two weeks (from 4-4-2020 until 18-4-2020). They will however be busy preparing the home learning ready for the weeks after Easter.

If you would like to continue with activities over the Easter Holidays please see some suggested activities below. You can of course still access all the digital content that teachers have already shared via Seesaw.

We hope you all have a safe and restful Easter break,

Mrs Farrell and all Staff at St Francis

Some Easter Activity Suggestons

  • Create a comic strip of the Easter Story.
  • If you can access your parent’s Facebook – have a look with them at a post on Thursday 26th March about fun things to make with an egg box: Crafty Teacup Creative Centre.
  • Write an Easter poem. It could be an acrostic or a shape poem. See below for one about a spider, you could write one about a rabbit, egg, cross…
  • Write and decorate an Easter prayer thinking about what we are thankful for at this time of the year.
  • Get singing! Google ‘Out of the Ark’ and you can access lots of free singing activities. Maybe you could add instruments and actions.
  • Make some salt dough, model an Easter scene and then maybe paint it. Here’s a recipe link: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-make-salt-dough-recipe
  • Baking… can you make some Easter cakes, biscuits..? See an example below.
  • We can’t have an egg rolling or decoration competition this year. Can you make your own competition with your family? (If you’re decorating them you could blow them first and then make scrambled egg on toast or use them in your baking.)
  • Make and send Easter cards for people who you can’t see this Easter. You could top copy your poem inside it.
  • How about an ‘Egg and Spoon Race’? Add some tricky obstacles for an extra challenge. (Don’t forget to hard boil your eggs first – you could then make egg sandwiches for lunch.)
  • Make a science life cycle poster about a chicken or rabbit.
  • Scratch Junior… can you make an Easter themed activity?
  • Look on these web sites for colouring and other fun activities:

         activityvillage.co.uk/easter        twinkl.co.uk

  • Get a tray, an old box or flower pot and make an Easter garden. What features should you include? You could grow your own grass or use cress seeds. See an example below.
  • Write and illustrate a story titled, ‘The missing egg’.
  • Learn an Easter poem.