At St Francis, we have chosen to follow the ‘Mastery of Mathematics’ approach to the teaching and learning of maths.  The ‘mastery approach’ centres on the children developing a deep and meaningful understanding of the key aspects of mathematics.  Through this process, the mastery of mathematics allows children to learn, develop their understanding of key principles and make progress at their own pace. 


Maths Mastery Letter



We believe that mathematics is a vital component in children’s learning and we aim to provide a solid foundation of understanding for our pupils. Through the ‘mastery approach,’ we aim to equip our pupils with an understanding of mathematical concepts that they can apply effectively across all areas of the mathematics curriculum.

Our Maths aims are…..

The mastery approach at St Francis is geared towards enabling each pupil to develop a firm understanding of a range of mathematical concepts.  Children are encouraged to work at their own pace as they develop their understanding. Teachers provide help, support and encouragement to the children as we work together to achieve their full potential.  Our teachers actively encourage every child to challenge themselves and further succeed beyond their own expectations.  At St Francis, we strongly believe in creating enthusiasm and fascination about mathematics through the ‘mastery approach’ to developing a well-rounded understanding.

The children in our school will:                          

  • Have many experiences of success, enjoyment and challenge.

At St Francis, we aim to make learning and investigating within maths a fun, challenging and rewarding experience, where the children are encouraged and have the opportunity to experience success.  We also believe that it is ‘okay’ to make mistakes as this will ultimately help children to understand a concept fully when they can see where they went wrong. At St Francis, we try to encourage children to think about mathematical concepts in terms of ‘I can’t do this yet!’, rather than ‘I can’t do it.’

  • See maths as being relevant. 

We aim to make maths relevant for the children.  We believe that they need to see a point to their work, and how it is relevant in the wider world.  We actively provide opportunities where children can apply skills and concepts learned to practical tasks.  This provides the opportunity for children to experience the nature of mathematical concepts and the relevance of maths in society.

  • Be given opportunities to develop their knowledge within number, shape, and measure. 

    Children need to develop an understanding of patterns and relationships within maths which is achieved through much practical handling of equipment and apparatus, discussion, investigating,  practice through the provision of opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding.

  • Develop the ability to think logically and clearly.
  • Use mathematical language effectively and confidently.


We are continually aiming to raise the standards of achievement of the pupils at St Francis C of E Primary School.  These aims are consistent with the school’s philosophy and vision outlined in our school prospectus.


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