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SEPTEMBER 2020 New School Year Information

We are looking forward to welcoming our children back on Thursday 3rd September.

The following is information about how we anticipate opening for all classes.

Of course school has never completely closed so we have some tried and tested tricks to help keep us all healthy!

It is essential that you provide school with an emergency contact who can get to school within ½ hour – please think about this when filling in your emergency contact forms which will be sent home on the first school day.

Before we return

I want to request that you spend some time with your child talking through the conduct that will be expected from them so that we can carry on keeping us all safe.  We will expect children to observe social distancing as much as possible.

Do they understand…….

  • How to behave to avoid close contact with anyone or their belongings – even close friends.
  • How to wash their hands thoroughly
  • How to use hand sanitizer sensibly
  • How to catch a cough or sneeze and then how to wipe their nose and dispose of the tissue hygienically.
  • Understand that school will be different – sitting in rows facing the front – having their own space and equipment – raising their hand to make a request. (not R&N)
  • Understanding that they must respond to adult instruction straight away and accurately.
  • Understand how to wipe areas they have touched.
  • Understand that they must tell a grown up if they feel unwell.

(Reception and Nursery pupils will have slightly different expectations and will follow slightly different routines which their teachers will communicate)

In September we want to have a little as possible carried in and out of school.

  1. NO SCHOOL BAGS will be used initially.
  2. All communication should be via Seesaw or the class email address( classname@stfrancis.swindon.sch.uk  )
  3. NO PE KITS initially.
  4. Until the October break dark trainers may be worn with school uniform (children MUST be able to fasten these).
  5. Any packed lunches must be in a washable plastic tub that the child can open and close by themselves. These will need to be washed each day.
  6. Initially water bottles will be kept in school Monday – Friday and these will be rinsed and refilled each day and then taken home on Fridays to be washed.

 Once term has begun, class teachers will send out Instructions about reading books and homework and any PE & Outdoor learning times.

The Start of the Day

Only one adult per child/family.

Gates will be opened at 8:40 and locked at 9am.

Nursery – to enter and leave via the Nursery gate with adults observing social distancing. Detail to be communicated by the teacher.

Reception – via the main playground gate with detail to be communicated by class teachers.

Years 1 & 2 – Enter via the main playground gate and go a TA. Parents to exit via the top gate to avoid congestion.

There will be a fence beyond which parents should not go. The TAs will deliver the children to their teachers who will be waiting in the classrooms.

Year 3&4 and Mrs Walch and Mr Dunsdon classes – Enter via the side car park which will be cordoned off. As no parents should enter school, the children are to say goodbye at the gate and go to a TA who will see them into school where their teacher will be waiting in the classroom.

Mrs Dunn Christensen and Mrs Williams classes – Enter via the community room gate. No parents beyond the gate.

Older siblings should follow the routine of the youngest family member.

Home Time

Main playground gate opened at 3:05pm.

Years 1&2   Adults should stand in class lines in the main playground and children will be sent to their grownup. Again a one way system is to be followed i.e. in via the main gate out via the top gate.

Years 3&4   Adults to stand in class lines in the side carpark and children will be sent to their grown up.

Years 5&6  To exit via the community room gate. Parents to wait outside school.

Information about any variation to collection will be communicated via Seesaw or email.


Please encourage your child to have a school lunch. – Menu choices for the first 2 weeks are now on ParentPay

Any packed lunches must be in a washable plastic tub that the child can open and close by themselves. These will need to be washed each day.

Reception, Year 1&2 and Year 3&4 will have a staggered lunch start and will eat socially distanced in the hall.

Year 5&6 will eat in their rooms. (Lunches to be served on trays from a hostess trolley in the corridor)


These will be provided for the younger pupils. From Y3 children should bring in a healthy snack e.g. fruit.

Break Times

All playtimes will be staggered and year groups will have allocated play zones. Play times will be shorter but there will be more. Play equipment will be very limited.

The children may be taken out for short runaround breaks.


The school is to be deep cleaned for reopening.

All children will be asked to wash their hands many times during the day with either Soap and Water or Hand Sanitizers depending on the circumstances.

Children (increasingly with age) will be asked to wipe surfaces they have touched in the toilets.

All classrooms have peddle bins for any tissues. Any child needing to use extra tissues will be given an individual container. 

Classroom Arrangements

With the exception of the Nursery and Reception classes, all classes have been arranged sitting in rows facing forwards. Initially there will be less group work and some elements of teaching and learning will be more formal.

Each child will be given their own stationary set to keep on their desk. Sharing of resources will be kept to the minimum and items will be sterilized after use or ‘quarantined’.

If a child becomes unwell

Any child feeling unwell, especially with Covid 19 symptoms, will be immediately separated from their peers.

Their temperature will be taken. 

They will be isolated in sick bay or a separate room.

Families will be contacted and should be prepared to have the child collected within half an hour.

Any medical advice should be followed including testing for Covid.

The school will contact Public Health England for advice.

The school will inform the community of any Covid infection

since 25/9/2020


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