Seesaw is the primary method of communication between teachers and parents about the children in their class. Please ensure you have installed the Seesaw app.

There are two types of Seesaw app available on all android or iOS devices.

Seesaw Class App – This is the app used by teachers and pupils to send parents pictures of children’s work and messages. If you need to self isolate or a ‘bubble is burst’ in school and home learning is required then Seesaw class app will be used at home. Teachers will send a special QR code or a alphanumeric code to allow access.

Seesaw Family App – This is the app used by parents and other family members to see picture of their children’s work and recieve messages from the class teacher and be able to respond to them. This is the app you will use most of the time.


Seesaw has an excellent help section for parents and family members on their website. Please visit The Seesaw Website.

Or use the weblinks below:

How to message a teacher

How to add another child to the Seesaw family app

How to add photos or videos to my child’s journal