F.A.I.T.H (St Francis School PTA)

We are a group of parents together with a representative from the school who volunteer our time to help put on events for the children. We are responsible for organising the following events over the years and without the PTA these events would not happen

School Discos
Treasure Hunt and Summer Fayre
Christmas Shopping Experience
Year 6 leavers party
Ice cream Friday
Donut Friday
Non-uniform days in return for goods for events
Organised a Circus to come to the School
Offer refreshments at school productions and induction evenings
Collate, sort and sell Pre-Loved Uniform
Annual Firework Display and Refreshments

Over the years with the money that’s been raised by the PTA we have paid for –

Lighting for stage performances
Contributed towards the cost of the Peace Garden
Contributed towards the cost of making the entrance to Office more secure
Paid for Poets to come to the school to enhance English lessons
Bought iPads for the children to use in lessons
Contributed to the Math’s scheme
Paid for the Bee’s
We buy the Leavers Books for Year 6 each year
Paid for the products needed for Gardening Club
Bought Radio Mic’s so that the children can be heard in their productions on stage
Bought GoPro’s
Bought a Digital Camera for school use
Stocked the Food Tech room
Bought books for the school Library

And more recently –

Contributed towards the purchase of 30 new Laptops
Paid for play equipment for outside
Paid for play equipment for ‘wet play’ days
Contributed to Maths & English resources
Contributed to the renovation of the Peace Garden
Paid for the Year 6 Safety Workshop

If you would like to be involved we are collating a ‘Helpers List’ so if you are able to help at events, whether it be on the day or behind the scenes, please, please, please contact us on [email protected]