PE & Sport

The Sports/PE grant has been running since 2013 and has allowed all schools funds to provide them with enhanced Sport/PE provision. At St Francis, we received c. £19500 pa. This must be allocated over five key indicators for each school to aim for and match the grant against.

The PE grant has five key indicators for each school to aim for and match the grant against.

These are:

  1. Engagement of all pupils
  2. Raise PE profile
  3. Sustainability with school staff
  4. Broader range of sports available
  5. Increased participation in competitive sport

In addition, pupils should be able to swim up to 25m and be aware of self-rescue techniques while in the water – Grant money can be set aside to include extra swimming lessons to ensure the above.

The current grant is c. £19500pa.

Highlights for 2020/21:

Despite partial lockdown through part of this academic year, we achieved:

  • Joint 1st Place – FortiusPE Swindon Sports School of the Year 2021 (Virtual & Real games)
  • 6th Place – Wiltshire Sports School of the year 2021 (Virtual Games)
  • Yr. 2 1st place – Virtual Gymnastics 2021
  • Year 3/4 winners Quad Kids Athletics 2021
  • Year 6 Boys Football SSFA Shield Winners 2021
  • Awarded Silver accreditation for our Schools Games award
  • Athletics Track installed 2021 – Teacher led ‘daily-run’ a success with pupil

The PE review is being updated on the school’s website covering the above in greater detail with reference to impact and cost.





Sports Premium After-School Provision 2021/22

Number of children participating each term:

DayClubsOpen toPlacesStart dateFinishing dateTimesCostCollection
MondayCookingYear 5 & 6820th September6th December15:15 - 16:15£15Outside main office
TuesdayHockeyYear 3 - 62021st September30th November15:15 - 16:10£20Main playground
WednesdaySoccer ExcellenceYear 1 and 22029th September8th December15:15 - 16:15£38.00Main playground
WednesdayViolinYear 5 - 62022nd September1st December15:15 - 16:15£0Collect from outside Year 4 cloakroom
ThursdaySkate & ScooterYear 1 - 22023rd September2nd December15:15- 16:10£10Main playground
ThursdayGymnasticsYear 3 - 62023rd September2nd December15:15 - 16:10£20Side of the hall via KS2 entrance
ThursdayNetballYear 4 - 61523rd September2nd December15:15 - 16:15£0Main playground
ThursdayArtYear 3 - 41223rd September2nd December15:15 - 16:15£10Outside Year 3 cloakroom
ThursdayGardeningYear 1 - 31523rd September2nd December15:15 - 16:10£10Outside KS1 corridor
FridayFriday FootballYear 3 - 62024th September10th December15:15 - 16:10£20Main playground
FridayFencingYear 3 - 61224th September10th December07:55 - 08:45£30Straight to class for start of day


Over the past few years, we have had an excellent rise in numbers of participants in our school sports clubs. This is mainly due to the introduction of new clubs and the continuation of popular clubs. 

Other after-school clubs not subsidised by the Sports Premium has been excluded (STFC, Ballet & Soccer Excellence). 



Resources• Greater activity opportunities at break times • Allows less active children to participate • ‘5-a-day’ activity extended for parents to use at home
School Competitions• Enabled younger children to compete against other schools e.g. Jungle Agility • Raise the School’s profile in sport – 7+ inter-house competition • Intra-house competitions within lessons – (Avebury won the Archery competition)
Encounter Days• Whole school involvement for PE Encounter week – archery, climbing, skateboarding & obstacle course in June 2019 • Diversity of activities not usually provided e.g. ‘fencing, Skate&Scoot’ • Allows ‘Pupils’ voice’ participation
CPD / Team teaching with external professionals• Greater sustainability of learning – 5 staff CPD’s last year • Enhanced staff confidence and knowledge in delivery of PE through access to PE resources e.g. PE Primary
After-School Clubs• Increased participation – up to 30% growth from 2017-18 to 2018-19 • Greater pupil enjoyment through positive feedback through Pupils’ Voice • Diversity of activities – new club added for KS1 • Increased inter-school competitions • Supported less active children through non-competitive sports e.g. fitness & ‘Skate &Scoot’ • Pupils joining sports clubs outside school directly as a result of our provision of school clubs e.g. fencing, football and hockey • Promotion and development of links to outside sports clubs e.g. Swindon Town FC • Silver Sports Accreditation achieved – (From Bronze)


Swimming is taught as part of the National Curriculum in Years 3 & 4. The objective is to ensure that each child can achieve 25m of independent swimming and to be aware of certain life-saving skills.

Each year group will be given 10 weeks of swimming instruction in each year to enable them to become confident and more proficient swimmers. Currently, we undertake this on a Friday afternoon at Cricklade leisure centre.

Year 4 begin swimming between September to December, while Year 3 will swim between January to April.

Each child is assessed and then placed into one of three groups and will swim in widths. Those less proficient will be instructed within the shallow end which is 1 metre deep. Each group is lead by a qualified swimming teacher and there are 2 lifeguards on duty at all times. In addition, there is a member of staff who acts as ‘eyes’.

Beginners and those less confident of swimming are taught the fundamentals which include correct entry into the water, safe practices within the pool and how to use floatation devices to assist their swimming. As children become more confident, there are taught the basics of front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke. Children may move up into a higher group if their proficiency is satisfactory.

Other self-rescue skills are also taught which may include:

  • Treading water
  • Floating for sustained periods of time
  • HELP/Huddle positions
  • Sculling 
  • How to use buoyancy aids  
  • Swimming in clothes  
  • Changing stroke/resting and swimming


Year 6 students, towards the end of the academic year, are to take a survey to see which children cannot swim the required 25m. These children will be offered additional swimming instruction if pools are available.

In recent years St Francis has entered the Swindon School Swimming competition organised by FortiusPE.


Suggested Sports Clubs in the Area


PE Grant Breakdown 2021/22